A web calendar and mobile app
for coparents

I’ve worked with the team at Cofamilies for over three years. During which time we developed products in an increasingly mobile landscape, translating the web application functionality to a great mobile experience.

As a small startup the key was to design a product that was easy to sign up for and use within minutes. We spent a lot of time designing a fast and effective on boarding experience. Resulting in many thousands of sign ups with great customer retention, driven by a short and heavily automated sales cycle.

project role strategy / user experience / product design / front-end development
All in one place
To view overnight events
Acquired more than
20,000 customers

many platforms

You'd be surprised how many people still print the calendar and stick it to their fridge. This makes the product span a large variety of platforms, from a sheet of paper to mobile check ins. The mobile app is the most convenient way to check events and their status, whereas the larger screen on a laptop makes it great for managing multiple calendars.

Easily shared with all family members
marketing site
Single page sign up

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