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I had the pleasure of working on two projects with the team at StartMonday. The first project was to design an onboarding flow to get people from seeing the job post to applying by recording a 15-second video. The main challenge was to design a solution that would work across many languages, from Czech to Dutch. While also designing an experience that works for each individual brand, from Uber to H&M.

project role strategy / branding / user experience / product design
brand experience
A design layout that reflects the individual brand
A design that works across brands and languages.

Rebranding in short a time frame

We started off by creating a brand brief. This covers everything such as company values, stakeholders and value proposition. By doing such an exercise you get a well defined view of what the company is all about. Providing clear direction to the visual branding. Given the younger target audience and the fact StartMonday would open their HQ in Amsterdam, we went with Dutch orange as the primary color. Followed by two vibrant support colors in combination with playful typography.

previous logo
new brand
A vibrant, playful, and Dutch-inspired brand
How colors and elements work together in real-world scenarios
Fully rebranded
inside 5 days

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